Zanskar ski school

Get Involved!

You can help our organizing by purchasing our postcards.



We are excited by the success of our Ski School, and look forward to expanding our work. Here is how you can help!

By making a financial donation to the Zanskar Ski School. Financial donations can go directly towards any of the following projects:

  1. Maintaining existing equipment
  2. Building of a ski school building
  3. Expanding our local instructor training - to include safety practices and techniques for winter travel (e.g. crevasse-rescue and avalanche awareness)
  4. Acquiring new equipment - for example a donation of CAD $100 would provide one pair of skis boots and poles for one child in Zanskar, including transportation.
  5. Transporting additional equipment to Zanskar

By donating your used skis, poles, boots, sunglasses, ski clothing, climbing equipment or ice-hockey skates.

Acting as an instructor for the ski school anytime between January and April. For more information contact us.

Travelling to Zanskar in summer or winter and using Zanskar ski guides.

By buying a set of 6 postcards from Zanskar.